Dams and hydropower

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Dams fulfill a variety of tasks. They are used to collect water and stave off the risk of flooding; they are used to generate energy and help to make rivers and canals navigable. In addition the reservoirs assure the water supply for industry and agriculture and, last but not least, are important recreational areas for sports and leisure activities.

Special demands are placed on the valves in the bottom outlets. Due to the great forces involved in large reservoirs the forces must be safely and reliably converted without damage to the valves or the installation. This is associated with a high drainage capacity and large flow rates in the shortest possible time to drain the stored water instantly in the event of danger. Weight-loaded actuators guarantee the emptying function if the conventional actuation options should fail.

The same requirements must be met in pumped storage hydro power plants and other installations for hydro power generation. The use of valves in these plants is a particularly sensitive issue as they are often not used for many years and then have to serve their purpose smoothly and reliably within a very short time.

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dam and reservoir in the mountains