Fire protection network

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In case of a fire, water is still the extinguishing media number one. It is then important that enough water is immediately available for the fire fighters in order to save lives and to protect buildings from the fire.

Underground and pillar hydrants are used as water supply points. They are installed in appropriate distances within the network system, so that they can be accessed at any time without being blocked by parking cars for example. Even if they are often not used for lengthy periods, they must be able to be opened immediately in the event of a fire and deliver the required quantity of water. High flow rates and standardised connections are the precondition for this. Special demands are also made in terms of safety, so that the shutoff device can even be replaced under operating pressure and there are no risks even if it is damaged e.g. on account of a vehicle collision.

Post hydrants in particular are exposed to the wind, weather and strong UV radiation for years on end, which necessitates the use of highquality materials such as enamel or stainless steel. The taking of water from the hydrants must also not lead to any contamination of drinking water. Last but not least, the hydrants are objects which stand in public spaces. With a wide range of differing design variants from the classic to the modern, TALIS provides options for a variety of needs and preferences in this respect.

firefighters with hosefire hose and fire hydrantfire fighters extinguishing flames feuerwehr bei löscharbeitengerman fire fighters feuerwehr plugging in fire hose and mobile hydrant