Industrial water applications

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There is hardly an industrial production process that can manage without water, for which reason a reliable and cost-effective supply of drinking, industrial and cooling water is a decisive economic factor. The same applies of course to the environmentally-friendly disposal of industrial sewage.

In addition to water, other media must be transported safely, e. g.

  • Chemicals from acidic to alkaline
  • Media containing impurities
  • Heavily contaminated flushing water from flue gas
  • Gases such as natural gas, other combustion gases

Through the broad knowledge of its brands TALIS can competently and flexibly react to even the most special requirements and offer highly individual solutions matched to the customer specifications. This also applies for the cooling of power stations, where large quantities of water are required. The reliability of the water circuits is of crucial importance for these applications. Numerous successful installations all over the world prove that fittings from TALIS meet these requirements.

The emphasis is on valves for high pressures and flow rates, the development and production of which requires an enormous amount of experience and skill. Additional safety for shut-off and non-return valves is provided by drop-weight drives, which guarantee a reliable function even in the event of a power failure. Just as important is our knowledge in relation to special coatings and special materials. This ensures that our valves can also be used safely in the case of problematic substances such as chemicals, salt water, aggressive gases or abrasive med

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