Water distribution network

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Many thousands of kilometres of pipeline of various dimensions ensure that drinking water is available at all times and at the highest quality in every household and company.

The pipe dimensions and materials depend on the usage, the water quality and ground conditions. Water tanks and towers, as well as numerous hydrants for flushing the pipeline networks and for supplying water for the fire service supplement the system, which is monitored with modern network information systems.

Being 100 % suitable for drinking water is therefore of decisive importance for the valves used in these installations. Another special challenge for the use of valves lies in the fact that pipelines and valves are generally buried in the ground protected against frost. Many valves such as service clamps, for example, are not used there for long periods of time, but when called upon they must exhibit full functional capacity in order to avoid costly and sometimes almost impossible construction work (e. g. in the case of tram lines in city centres).

Extreme robustness, optimum protection against corrosion (e. g. according to GSK with a coating thickness of at least 250 μm) or the external impermeability of gearboxes therefore play a decisive role in the case of valves for pipeline networks.

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