Water transmission

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Lengths of over 1000 kilometres and nominal widths of over DN 1000 are not unusual for large scale water transmission systems. Often they are installed as parallel pipelines. They ensure that drinking water is available at all times and at the highest quality for thousands or even millions of households and companies within large cities and metropolitan areas. Highest product quality and reliability are therefore of greatest importance.

In many of these systems pumps are used to transport water across hills or to water towers. Rotary pumps are usually used in these systems, often in dual installation for reasons of operational safety.

TALIS offers a large number of valves for this application. The range extends from butterfly valves and pump start-up valves via pump by-passes and check valves up to air valves for filling and draining the pipelines.

In addition to operational safety and a long-service life, the optimum design of the installation is at the forefront of this application, as only correct dimensioning with optimum flow values can assure long-term and cost effective pump operation with minimum energy costs. With many years of experience behind them our project engineers are the competent contact persons for this.

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