sustainable development

environmentally friendly

There is not enough water to go round, and yet it is one of our most essential resources. At TALIS we strive to develop ...

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... highly reliable solutions incorporating the smartest technologies available to improve network performance and save water resources.

Beyond this commitment to the excellence of our products,we are also responsible for upholding the highest standards with regard to safety and respect for people and the environment. This is how we can make the world a better place.

our global footprint

green footprints

In all its activities, TALIS is committed to being a good employer, neighbour and a fair business partner ...

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In all its activities, TALIS is committed to being a good employer, neighbour and a fair business partner:

  • DIN ISO 50001 certified (the company´s energy performance)
  • Active participation in water focused Non-Governmental-Organizations
  • Participant since 2012 (BELGICAST) of United Nations Global Compact


Our valve solutions facilitate highest customer benefit whilst being uncompromising in terms of product safety and sustainability.

  • High efficiency products with lower pressure drop limiting energy needs
  • Addressing the global issue of water shortage with products reducing water leakage
  • Keeping water clean by safe coatings
  • Cotinuous improvement of working conditions at all of our sites

compliance culture

talis information

Business integrity as company culture is a central building block for our daily work at TALIS.

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We as TALIS are committed to doing business only in full compliance with all laws and regulations and in line with high ethical standards.

Only a business conduct which is fully compliant with all laws and regulations and high ethical standards secures the long-term success of TALIS and its business partners. Therefore all employees acknowlegde the „Code of Conduct“ as the summarizing basis for their life at TALIS. It provides the legal and ethical framework for the conduct of all directors, officers and employees of TALIS and defines in the context of the professional career at TALIS the basic rules of conduct within TALIS and in relation to its business partners and the general public. It also reflects the underlying basic values pursued by TALIS, e.g. work and product safety as well as environmental protection.

working conditions in our group

blue collar worker painting

Healthy and safety of our employees and stakeholders is one of the highest priorities ...

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We strive to create work spaces and jobs for people to fulfil themselves under guarded and safe conditions.

  • Group wide health and safety policy deployed globally
  • Proactive detection and elimination of potential risks
  • 0 % accident policy

charity project in kenia

charity kenia kenya drinking water crowd of people

Did you know that approximately 663 million people have no access to clean drinking water ...

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TALIS enganged for a tangible project in Kenya:

TALIS supports the international water charity “Just a Drop” with one project a year – starting with a project in Kenya, which has been chosen by all TALIS employees. As this is our area of expertise we will support the selected project in the future with valves and engineering knowhow as well.

  • Provide clean water to 3,650 people
  • Help to develop a sustainable agriculture
  • Construct 2 sand dams
  • Install 2 shallow wells
  • Produce 2 tree nurseries, with 3,000 trees
  • Train 203 farmers in how best to use their new water supply, for food production and food security
  • Provide training and education on hygiene and sanitation practices