Bringing Pressure Under Control

Harnessing Control Valves for ‘Intelligent’ Water Networks

A Report on Best Practice from TALIS


For a generation focused on smart systems and big data, it can be overlooked that there already exists a form of ‘smart’ technology which is installed across every water system.

Control valves, based on an elegant and original design that is now over 80 years old, provide a low-cost and efficient way for water companies to manage water pressure, levels and flow rate.
By combining this tried and tested approach with modern innovations and technology, it is possible to make huge strides in tackling the challenges faced by today’s water companies.

In this report, we show how these benefits can be achieved, sharing best practice and the latest innovations. We also detail the level of impact this approach can deliver, for example, creating effective strategies to reign in levels of non-revenue water.

The potential benefits for water companies are enormous. Not just tackling today’s major issues, but also achieving this objective without the need for major investment or disruption.
Importantly for water companies, it is also a solution within the current knowledge and understanding of their maintenance teams, limiting the need for extensive training and increasing the speed with which such a strategy can be implemented.

TALIS has created this solution to be low-cost, simple and quick to implement. Its expert teams work alongside water companies to bring intelligence and control to the management of their Networks.

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