Going Beyond The Catalogue

Customers and Manufacturers Working in Partnership for Greater Results


A Report on Best Practice from TALIS


Water companies, like any business, are looking to get best value from their purchases. This doesn’t just mean the best price, but also gaining the maximum benefit across an item’s lifetime.

In the case of components, for a complex system such as a water network, this ‘value’ can be affected by many variables - failure rates, wear on the system, time expended on fitting or maintenance or levels of disruption for users of the network.

In most circumstances, the standard components on offer are more than capable of meeting the need. However, in more extreme situations, standard products may no longer be an option.
Therefore, for buyers, obtaining best value may mean ‘going beyond the catalogue’ and working with suppliers to find non-standard or bespoke solutions that deliver the maximum possible benefits.
Network design and component specification, in such circumstances, should utilise the in-depth knowledge and expertise of both the customer and their chosen supplier.
Conversations with suppliers that stop at price and delivery dates are no longer enough. For this reason, buyers must be prepared to develop an effective, two-way dialogue and real partnerships with their suppliers and manufacturers.

This should take the complete business chain into account (from engineering, sourcing, logistics, production, assembly, maintenance and the eventual scrappage).
It also requires the right supplier. A partner that can fully assess your needs and – if necessary – manufacture the right solution for your specific requirements.
Align yourself with suppliers that are capable of providing the majority of your needs with ‘off-the-peg’ products and cater for the occasions that demand bespoke solutions.


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