TALIS Group to divest from house connection business in the UK

TALIS Group announces divestment of equity interest in TALIS UK Ltd

HEIDENHEIM, Germany, June 07, 2022 – TALIS Group today announced it has entered into an agreement with AVK Group to divest 100% the TALIS UK legal entity.

The divestiture is part TALIS’s strategy to simplify and to realign its business portfolio to address changes in its business and improve customer satisfaction.

TALIS UK is the undisputed leader in House Connection solutions in the UK and Ireland and has sales in a number of important markets around the world.

The product portfolio of TALIS UK consists of products such as meter boxes, gunmetal and plastic fittings which generally sit outside of the TALIS group core focus.

TALIS Group is prioritizing its focus on its innovative portfolio of valve and hydrant products and services.

“We are delighted to find an excellent home for our UK operation in AVK Group and whilst divesting from the house connection business in the UK, the “valve” business remains in scope for TALIS Group and the UK market will be served by TALIS’s leading brands such as Erhard, Belgicast and Bayard directly.” Says Mark Hodgens CEO of TALIS group