Basic Principles

TALIS Group HR Vision

WE are your partner and expert to support the execution of the TALIS strategy

YOU are talent, who we want to develop and empower for a stronger leadership and performance

TOGETHER we act based on trust, respect, transparency and honesty


TALIS Group HR Mission

  • Together with the management we will attract, develop and retain a diverse and high performing workforce.
  • We engage our workforce, their individual skills and competences, in order to achieve consistent profitable growth and measurable performance.
  • We forge the professional and specialist knowledge of all HR team members in order to provide a reliable service with added value towards the employees of TALIS now and in the long term.
  • We want to be your partner throughout your TALIS career and contribute to your present and future business objectives.
  • We strive for a model of dialogue voicing one consistent message throughout the organization creating maximum transparency in all levels.
  • We stimulate and develop our leaders to act as best in class; to inspire you as our talent to reach your full potential, managing your career and boosting your performance level.
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In every innovation driven business employees are the basis for success. We value our people and appreciate their loyalty, service and work. We regard mutual fairness as a condition of our corporate success when dealing with one another.

As a global company with employees from diverse cultural backgrounds we stimulate and expect an international mindset. By doing so, we ensure smooth cooperation and establish the same high quality standards worldwide.

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We are entrepreneurs in a mid-sized company. We act on our own initiative and pursue our goals with determination. We aim high and work hard to achieve our targets.

By doing so, we add value to our clients, provide our employees with attractive jobs and deliver a reasonable return on investment to our owners.

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We communicate clearly and share information within our company in a timely and open fashion. We lead by example. By doing so, we aim to create an atmosphere of trust that is necessary to ensure the future growth of our company and long-term corporate success.

Continuous improvement

In a globalised economy the ability and the willingness to continuous improvement is the premise for success. We strive for progress every day and accept that learning and development is crucial for all of us. We regard mistakes as an opportunity to learn.

We are solution-oriented and view barriers as challenges. By doing so, we strengthen the competitiveness of our company and participate in shaping the changes in market and technologies.