AUSTRIA: Clean Energy in the Mountains

Steel cutting pipeline
Steel cutting pipeline

Largest pumped storage hydroelectric power station of voralberger illwerke ag on kopssee lake, Austria

Client : Voralberger Illwerke AG

Location : Kopssee, Austria

Project fact file
  • 15 ERHARD Needle Valves
  • Flow rate 76 m³ water per second with a velocity of 460 km/h
  • Turbine output: 525 MW
  • Generator output 600 MVA
  • Pumped storage hydro-electric power station with Kopssee Lake (1,800 meters asl) as the headwater pond and Rifa reservoir (1,000 meters asl) as the tailwater pond
Product list
  • Needle valves (DN 125 – DN 250 with pressure ratings up to PN 160)